MORNSUN is committed to bringing you highly reliable industrial power supplies, which ensure your system operating smoothly and maximize the performance.
DC-DC Converters B05xxLS/LD-1WR2 Optimized for Battery Management Systems  B05xxLD-1WR2 and B05xxLS-1WR2 series  offer stable 50VDC or 60VDC output ensuring the accu... MORE
Active High Precision Single Input & Bipolar Output Signal Conditioning Module TF6550GN TF-GN series are active high precision signal conditioning module with 0-5V signal input and ±10V sig... MORE
Two-wire Loop Powered Supply PWM Signal Conditioning Module TW147HL TW147HL is a two-wire loop powered PWM signal conditioning module, converting PWM signal into 4-20mA ... MORE
Power Solution for 1500VDC PV Power System MORNSUN is proud to introduce a new DC/DC converter, PVxx-29Bxx series, to address the needs of 1500V... MORE
Ultra-thin RS485 Input Isolated Safety Barrier TD100W-EX-485  Ultra-thin RS485 input isolated safety barrier TD100W-EX-485   isolated DC power to t... MORE
Compact Size HK Series Specialized for Intelligent Instrument HK series are DC/DC converters specially designed for application of two-wire signal transmitter and ... MORE
DC/DC Converter BxxxxS-W2R2 with High Efficiency at Light Load  BxxxxS-W2R2 series aim to help customer getting rid of low efficiency at light load and they ha... MORE
Active High Precision Analog Signal Isolation Transmitter TE6650HN Series TE6650HN is 4000VAC active signal conditioning module with following features..... MORE
See You in Electronica India on September 21-23 Electronica is the world's leading trade fair for electronic components, systems and applications. MORE
See you in Sindex Switzerland 2016, Bern, on September 08–06   Mornsun  will exhibit at Sindex in Switzerland on September 08–06. MORE
165-264 VAC Input AC/DC Battery Charging MBP Series This series offer high instantaneous power up to  540W/30S and  702W/1S and  intellige... MORE
200-1500VDC Input PV15/PV40-29BxxA8 Series Built-in 1500VDC fuse,  Din-Rail (A8) package MORE
100-1000VDC Input PVxx-27BxxR2A2C/A4C Series This series offer LED dispaly and chassis mounting (A2C) and Din-rail mounting(A4C), with CE appr... MORE
Din-Rail AC/DC Converter with High Performance 48V output LI240-10B48 are  cost-effective with active PFC function . MORE
12V/48V Output AC/DC Converter LI120-10Bxx Series 12V/48V output LI120-10B12/LI120-10B48 series are in DIN-Rail package with active PFC . MORE
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